Verte Chaise

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Verte Chaise provided the opportunity to digitally design and fabricate a 1:1 object. The human body was closely studied in particularly the shoulder and spine. The spine was the inspiration for this chaise. A base component was mathematically massaged to generate two support legs and a gentle top line curve, for proper ergonomics, out of a minimum amount of points. The final component is algorithmically defined by eight input points. Each of these eight points is parented to a law curve that is then manipulated to get the final form of the chair. The chair narrows in the middle to allow the user to sit into it and then sprawls back out to allow for a wide range of positions. There are two main supports that run down the middle of the chaise. This support is slotted to allow each of the component pieces to slot into it for a precise mortise and tendon joint. The weight distribution of material and the human body was studied to allow the cantilever of the back support to never tip backwards when either occupied or displayed. This chaise challenges both gravity and the user’s perception of comfort.

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