Transient Connections

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  • Competiton:
    Chicago Prize

The program for this competition brief was to create a crossing from Buckingham fountain to Lake Michigan across Lake Shore Drive. While the light displays of Buckingham fountain are prescribed and formal, the light displays on the façade of the pedestrian bridge emerge organically from the behavior of its users. As a pedestrian crosses the bridge, sensor panels in the floor trigger the sporadic illumination of tessellated light panels on the bridge’s façade.  The bridge facilitates serendipitous exploration, now made continuous through Millenium Park, Grant Park, Buckingham Fountain, the lakefront, and the museum campus. The desire to add an additional program to the project to further connect this site with the city of Chicago was paramount. The Aqua Line, modeled after the batobus system on the Seine River in Paris, will be a new transportation artery that connects Chicago’s landmarks up and down the lakefront. This competition entry counted on the collaboration of Brett Bridgeland and Amit Patel.

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