Towering Automation

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Towering Automation is a dynamic solution to Mexico City’s extremely dense urban fabric. This urban fabric at times becomes so densely woven that it becomes almost impossible to migrate from one side of the historic center to the other. This project prunes and cuts into Mexico City’s streets and fabric relieving the overgrown city and allowing for more flow throughout the historic center of Mexico City.  All these shrubs of buildings and streets that were cut away are then replaced vertically into this multi-use towering scheme, volume for volume. The shape and façade of the towers are generated based off dynamic algorithms that respond to the city’s forces and flows. The towers spiral up from metro stations up through a concourse/commercial center, automated parking garage, residential units, sky parks, a museum for the indigenous arts, a restaurant and bar, and finally an observation deck and roof garden.  This project counted on the contribution of my partner, Eunsil Yang.

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