Stack + Wrap

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Stack + Wrap Shelves were designed to be a highly versatile storage system that could adapt to any interior constraint. Urban interior spaces often require furniture that can adapt to the tighter more unique spaces that prevail across the fabric of a city. A majority of city dwellers also prefer a considerably shorter stay between residences and find themselves having to often sell and buy new furniture to “fit” their new spatial constraints. This project set out to solve both those issues with a simple kit of parts that can be stacked and assembled/disassembled as ones environment changes. The simple modern lines are complimented by a seamless wrapping of the wood grain. All “boxes” are fabricated from one continuous board, one mistake on one member and the whole box is flawed.  The grains seamless flow and continuity enlivens the encased static materials. The shelf is no longer viewed as simply an object to hold, but an object that activates.

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