Institute for Water Studies

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This Institute for Advanced Study campus caters to the unpredictable exchange of research fellows, visitors, and both the natural and artificial environments. Cell structure and cellular packing within plants were researched in order to understand biological adaptation and evolution within its environment. If a shrub cannot adapt to its environment it dies; death within architecture is not an option. The challenge within this project was in integrating the flux of people and ecological processes as well as the blurring of these networks into a system that empowers the research fellows with the ability to dictate the ecological and visa versa. The framework, while providing structural integrity, also houses a field of partitioned biotopes. Meeting spaces, exhibit spaces, and the lecture hall intertwine with the six vertical conduits via a horizontal network/lattice/surface system. This system provides complete adaptability within a framework – as projects evolve and necessitate more space the labs can grow and absorb more space within the system

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