Octadecagon In the Rough

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    How Cool Is Your Stool

This project was a winning entry in the Tedx25th Ward How Cool is Your Stool: Reshaping the City design competition A 400 pound maple log was found on craigslist. After the log was cross cut the following series of cuts were precisely executed to waste as little material as possible while achieving an Octadecagon. This Octadecagon is designed so that the shapness of the object starts to become camouflaged by the continuous grain of the maple.  Rather than be assembled from discrete parts to make the whole, this object was reduced from the whole with a series of 28 cuts. This reduction from the whole allows the grain to seamlessly wrap every crease of the shape. The stool has multiple orientations and lends itself to be flipped to achieve further orientations. There is no one iconic shape to this stool but a matrix of blurred possibilities.

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