2016.10.26 | Teddy Slowik will be participating in Jimenez Lai’s Arch 413 studio midterm reviews at UCLA.

2016.09.19 | Teddy Slowik has been appointed as a Lecturer to Cal Poly’s Architecture Faculty.  Honored to have the opportunity to join such a prestigious program that embodies the university motto of: “Learn by doing.”

2016.07.10 | Teddy Slowik will be a Visiting Scholar at the DFL (Digital Fabrication Laboratory) at the University of Porto during the  month of July. He will conduct research in the field of robotics in Architecture and share his expertise in the field of digital technologies.

2016.04.27 | Teddy Slowik will be lecturing at the University of Colorado Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning.

2016.04.08 | Teddy Slowik will be participating in Simon Schleicher’s BEN[T] | Bending + Tension workshop at Temple University

2015.11.20 | Teddy Slowik will be speaking at the Short Circuit event at Penn Design. This editions theme is “Object.”

2014.08.15 | Teddy Slowik will be teaching a Graduate Level Design Studio at Temple alongside Tim McDonald for the Fall. Teddy will also be teaching a Visual Literacy course in the undergraduate curriculum.

2015.10.11 | Teddy Slowik has been invited to be a member of the peer review committee for the NCBDS conference at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

2015.08.03 | Creature of Perception has been acquired by the IX Art Park in Charlottesville Virginia and is now a part of their permanent collection.

2015.08.01 | Teddy Slowik has been appointed as an Adjunct Assistant Professor within the Architecture Department at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art.

2014.10.27 | Teddy Slowik has been selected as the UVA SOA faculty contributor for the Gift for Enric Battle exhibition. UNframe will be on exhibit November 10th-December 5th.

2014.08.14 | Teddy Slowik will be teaching a Design Studio at UVA alongside Alex Wall, Toño Foraster, Carmen Trudell and Karen Ven Lengen for the Fall.

2014.06.19 | Teddy Slowik will be collaborating with DIGSAU Architects in Philadelphia on a student center design competition and a speculative exhibition piece for the East Lansing 2030 | Collegeville Re-Envisioned exhibition at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum in East Lansing MI.

2014.06.01 | Teddy Slowik will be in Philadelphia collaborating and working on a diverse set of projects for the duration of the Summer.

2014.05.17 | On site in Chicago finishing up construction on the Andersonville Condo project.

2014.05.02 | Final reviews at UVA for (RE)thinking (SUB)urbia studio with Margarita Jover, Karolin Moellmann, Jordi Nebot, and Schaeffer Somers.

2013.11.20 | The Arbortecture bench is featured in the Fall 2013 “Next” issue of ArchitectureBostonThe “Next” issue explores developing trends in fabrication, materials, economics, and demographics, and asks how architecture can respond to these changing conditions.

2013.10.31 | Teddy Slowik has been appointed as a Lecturer at the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture.

2013.08.20 | Novatona has moved to Charlottesville Virginia. We are excited to meet new friends, colleagues, and clients.

2013.04.24 | The Arbortecture bench has been installed on Boston’s Fort Point.

2013.04.5 | Teddy Slowik has been selected along with fellow UIC faculty members: Julia Capomaggi, Julie Flohr, Thomas Kelley, Jimenez Lai, and Ryan Palider for the Faculty exhibition entitled Figure.  The Arbortecture Bench, Octadecagon in the Rough, and Creature of Perception will all be on exhibit April 5th-May 10th. Figure

2013.02.28 | Teddy Slowik has been named a semi-finalist in the Design Museum Boston’s Street Seats design competition. Street Seats Finalists

2013.01.01 | New website live.

2012.12.28 | Teddy Slowik has been invited to be a member of the scientific review committee for the eCAADe Future Traditions conference at the Faculty of Architecture University of Porto, Portugal. Future Traditions

2012.12.04 | Final reviews at UIC for Operations & Compositions studio, with Grant Gibson, John Manaves, Sarah Blackenbaker, Brigid Boyle, Laura Fehlberg, Ania Jaworska, Meghan Funk, and Jenny Meakins.

2012.08.15 | Folly of the Detail studio projects have been posted at suckerPUNCH.

2012.04.26 | Final reviews at UIC for Folly of the Detail studio, with Thomas Kelley, John Manaves, and Julie Flohr.

2011.11.29 | Final reviews at UIC for Operations & Compositions studio, with Grant Gibson, John Manaves, Brigid Boyle, Laura Fehlberg, Ania Jaworska, Meghan Funk, and Jenna Wolf.

2011.11.16 | [re] shape exhibited in the Primitive Delights Exhibition at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture’s Ribbon Gallery. Primitive Delights

2011.08.07 | An Octadecagon in the Rough is exhibited at the Architecture or Revolution Tedx 25th Ward Conference at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago.

2011.06.21 | An Octadecagon in the Rough has been named a winner in the How Cool Is Your Stool: Reshaping the City Design Competition. TEDx25thWard